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Who is Joanna Macmeikan?

Womens Health Expert.

I’m a women’s health expert and practitioner. A beachgoer and booklover.                    

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I've been in clinical practice for more than 10 years, and work with women all over the world in-person and online.

I use a multimodality approach. My background is in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. But I like to combine it with modern, functional approaches to health.

Your body knows what it’s doing. But modern life can throw a massive spanner in your biological works. While it may feel like your body is letting you down, the truth is that it’s trying to communicate with you.

 “My job is to help you understand what it’s saying, so you can become the best, healthiest version of you.”

Extra facts
I’m an Aussie, currently living in Mexico. I share my casa with two dogs (one Aussie, and one Mexican). We also have an 18-year-old cat, who appears to be taking a shot at immortality. I have a husband who is a great cook, and two daughters aged 11 and 8. I love music, and hula hooping.

*(yes, I did just introduce my pets before my family).


Growing up, I watched my parents battle cancer.

Doctors diagnosed my Mum with breast cancer when I was only 8 years old. Two years later, they discovered my Dad had a brain tumour and gave him 6 months to live.

Dad went on to live another 19 years. But his journey was a difficult one and he was in and out of remission several times before he passed away in 2010.

Mum had breast cancer three times, but I’m happy to say she’s still with us.

 My parents’ experiences left me with this fundamental belief:


“Good health gives you the freedom to live the life you want. And to enjoy as much happiness as you can along the way.”

My Timeline

In 2003 I tucked a fresh business degree under my arm and took a brief (but ill-advised) dip into the corporate world.

It didn’t take me long to realise it wasn’t where my passion lies.

So I stuffed the business degree in the bottom drawer and headed back to university.


Here’s the funny part: back then I had zero interest in women’s health.

 I started my healthcare career helping people with injury recovery and pain management. But I soon saw the undeniable gaps in women’s healthcare.

 It shocked me to hear women accepting monthly suffering as normal. Or hearing they were up all night googling their symptoms and that they felt like they were going crazy.

 They saw doctors who told them to go on the birth control pill or antidepressants, or to deal with it as “part of being a woman” (actual quote). This left them feeling sad and completely dismissed.

 I started to work with period pain, then endometriosis and PCOS, then fertility, and five years ago after personally dealing with a recurrent UTI, I took a deep dive down the rabbit hole of the vaginal microbiome (was that too vivid an image?).

That's when I learned about the struggles of women in their 40s and 50s. These women aren't told what to expect as they come to the end of their reproductive era, let alone what to do about it. So I added perimenopause and menopause care to the list.

During this time I’ve helped women make informed decisions around their health. And get to a place where they’re living with less pain and suffering, and more joy. 

And I want to help you get there too.

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