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Kind Words

Take a look over some of my client's testimonials and then get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

"Joanna has been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout my menopausal journey. While my gynaecologist gave me a reference to a few websites to read about it, Joanna guided me in choosing the right supplements.


She also helped me discover Chinese medicine and acupuncture which together with Bioidentical hormonal therapy has made menopausal symptoms manageable."

"Jo made me love my period. Sounds a bit funny, but it’s true. She is the reason I have an immense amount of gratitude and excitement at the sight of my period. She made me understand the significance of a regular period and all the important signs of health that a period would indicate to me.  I also met Jo at a time where I was suffering from recurrent sinusitis and I was searching for a permanent solution to long term asthma symptoms which I had lived with for many years.


I had never had any chinese medicine or acupuncture treatment before so I was not sure what to expect. I certainly did not expect to feel such a release of energetic stagnation and also breathe with a bigger lung capacity. I hadn't known a practitioner to be so holistic and look for the root of my issues the way she did.  Jo has such a deep humanness about her that you know she is investigating your health concern and perceiving every aspect of your life, behaviours and sentiments included, to navigate you to a higher quality of life.


I've been honoured to be treated by Jo for the last 4-5 years and she has supported me through many phases in my health journey; from my introduction to holistic health, through to my first pregnancy, a challenging birth and now postpartum.”

“I’ve been working with Joanna for about 12 months, and my results have been remarkable. Thanks to her guidance, I now experience regular periods, and my last few cycles have been pain-free!! Joanna’s expertise and personalized approach have greatly improved my overall well-being. I remember needing to tip toe around my cycle and stop the gym and yoga a whole week before my period, due to low energy/desire/moods.


I no longer experience these feelings anymore and can continue with my practices right up until my bleed - this has been life changing 🙏🏽 While working with Joanna I have also noticed a huge improvement in my immune system. Joanne didn’t just prescribe personalised protocols, she also offered endless amounts of knowledge to take away, making me feel so much more confident living a holistic lifestyle.


I can not recommend her services more, she is a gem!”

“Thank you for everything over the past I don’t even know how many years now… you helped dad literally get back on his feet and what you’ve done for me.


I’m a better healthier person because of you.


You have taught me sooo much about my own body, listening to my body understanding my body, I’m now 35 years old and I don’t take any regular medication and that’s because of you and I’m like a teenager again and get my period every 28 days without the need for pill Popping.


In addition to medicinal you’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know emotionally and mentally.”

"I reached out to Joanna whilst on my TTC journey and in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Her introduction to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine helped put my health back on track. It is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I made. Joanna provided regular acupuncture sessions, tailoring my treatment by introducing Chinese herbs, supplements and becoming a complimentary therapy for my fertility treatments.


The sessions became somewhat of a safe haven to chat to someone with an unbiased opinion (and a magnificent sense of humour!). I learnt a lot of about my body and mind and how to heal it in a holistic way. Joanna is a wealth of knowledge and always made sure I was informed and felt comfortable throughout my treatments.


I loved my sessions with Joanna and would highly recommend her for improving physical, emotional and mental health and overall wellness!"


And start your journey today.

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