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I offer 1:1 online consultations, providing support for

Period problems

Symptoms of perimenopause and menopause

Recurrent UTIs and vaginal conditions

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It's NOT All In Your Head


Feeling tired and lacking in energy/motivation?

Gaining weight, no matter what you do?

Battling insomnia and poor sleep?

Dealing with PMS, heavy and painful periods?

Experiencing brain fog and difficulty concentrating?

Battling recurrent UTIs or other vaginal conditions?

Suffering from anxiety?

Struggling with hot flashes?

Tired of going to the doctor only to be told everything is normal?

Feeling overwhelmed and wishing you could feel like your old self again? 

​Then I’m here to tell you:

You’re not going crazy.

It’s not all in your head.

There IS help available.

Initial Consultation $199 AUD

60-90 Minutes

During your initial consultation,  we work to establish an understanding of your current situation and then set the goals for where you want to be.


You’ll fill in a detailed health history questionnaire before your consultation. I’ll take a look at any testing that you might have had (blood tests for hormones and other general lab tests, urinalysis, microbiome testing etc) and we’ll establish whether further testing would be helpful.


You’ll receive a personal treatment plan (supplied as a document) that includes:

  • An overview of your situation and any relevant diagnoses.

  • Treatment aims.

  • Specific recommendations around diet, lifestyle, herbal medicines, vitamins and minerals, other interventions, and (if necessary) referral. 

  • Access to high-quality, practitioner-grade supplements at 10% above wholesale price (Australia and NZ only).

Follow Up Consultation $99 AUD

30-45 Minutes

In our follow up consultations we discuss (and celebrate!) your progress, identify any road blocks, and make necessary tweaks to your treatment plan.

Review Consultation $149 AUD

60 Minutes

You’ll need a review consultation if we’ve worked together before, but not within the last 6 months. This extended consultation gives us the time we need to recap your health history and create a new treatment plan.

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