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Will You Help Change a Life?

60 years ago Australian surgeons Catherine and Reg Hamlin travelled to Ethiopia and discovered the unimaginable suffering of young girls with obstetric fistula - a childbirth injury unheard of in developed countries.


These young girls suffer prolonged obstructed labour and their baby is usually stillborn.


Heartbroken, exhausted and weak they soon realise something is terribly wrong...

The pressure of the baby trapped in their body for days has caused damage to their internal organs and they now uncontrollably leak urine (and often faeces) from their vagina.  


Many have suffered nerve damage and cannot move.


Constantly accompanied by mess and a terrible smell they are isolated and shunned, some are even left out in the hope the hyenas will take them.

With no help and no end in sight, many wish for death.


But help does exist.  The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital founded by Reg and Catherine performs life changing surgeries that can cure their injuries.


And because these girls are among the poorest in the world, the hospital treats them completely free of charge.


The Addis Ababa Fistula hospital runs on donations and relies on the compassion of people like you to help restore life and dignity to these girls.

In addition, the Foundation works to train midwives for remote areas and educate villagers on the importance of ending child marriage. Their goal is to eradicate this injury, forever.

To learn more you can watch Catherine's interview with Oprah (who immediately afterwards wrote her a personal cheque for $450k).


Will you help end a young girl's suffering?  Please donate today and help fund an operation that will give a young girl her life back.

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