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Can You Relate?

- Feeling tired and lacking in energy and motivation

- Gaining weight, no matter what you do?

- Battling insomnia and poor sleep?

- Dealing with heavy periods and crazy mood swings?

- Experiencing brain fog and difficulty concentrating?

- Battling recurrent UTIs and other vaginal symptoms?

- Suffering from anxiety?

- Struggling with hot flashes?

- Tired of going to the doctor only to be told everything is normal?

- Feeling overwhelmed and wishing you could feel like yourself again?


It’s not all in your head.

You’re not going crazy.

There IS help available.

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Women who work with me:

- Get the tools to manage their hormonal symptoms, so they can feel like themselves again.

- Learn what their body needs and how to best support it at this stage of life.

- Set health (and life!) goals and have a roadmap to achieve them.

Working with me
is right for you if:

- You believe that your body is designed to adapt to changing hormones after 40.

- You’re open to feeling empowered by the transition to perimenopause and menopause.

- You’re looking for someone who uses a combined approach, but supports your body naturally first and foremost.

Working with me is probably not for you if:


You’re not willing or able to slow down and make yourself a priority right now.

Here's how we'll do it:

We have an initial consultation where we dive deep into your health history, so we can understand your current situation and set the goals for where you want to be. 

You receive a treatment plan tailored especially for you, so you can stop wasting time and money on the things that don’t work. We’ll figure out the key changes you can make to start seeing results fast (without having to give up everything you enjoy).

Monthly follow up consultations where we can discuss (and celebrate!) your progress, and make any tweaks to your treatment plan to keep you on the path to healthy hormones. (Most women have an initial consultation + 2-3 follow ups. After that, we check in on a schedule that works for you).

Initial Consultation $199 AUD
60-90 Minutes

Follow Up Consultation $99AUD
30-45 Minutes

You also get...

Weekly email or messenger check-ins so you can ask me specific questions, share your updates, and stay motivated. 

A review of any previous blood tests for hormones and other general lab tests, urine tests, microbiome testing… so you can be confident that your results are truly optimal for your health and not just “within normal range”.

An audit of your current herbal and supplement stash (you know the one I’m talking about!). So we can put what you’ve already bought to good use, and fill in any gaps.

Easy to use checklists and handouts that allow you to quickly and easily set your home and work environments up for optimal hormone health.

Still Have Questions?

If you’re interested in working together but still not sure how I can help, let’s jump on a Zoom call and talk it through.

Click here to arrange a free 30 minute call.

Here's what women I work with say:

"I’ve been working with Joanna for about 12 months, and my results have been remarkable. Thanks to her guidance, I now experience regular periods, and my last few cycles have been pain-free!! Joanna’s expertise and personalized approach have greatly improved my overall well-being."
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